the goodbye part, right,

and they painted us white and pressed us together, when you pulled me out you began to carry me,
and i knew i was going up, i said,
i never wanted this
and you carried me to the veil , so i broke sticks for you, to find your way back
because i wouldn't be with you again, i said,
i never wanted this
when you reached the top you dropped me, i wouldn't say gently, but it was softer than they had said it would be and when you looked at me that long,
i heard the others, down bottom say
i knew you were some sort of person other than "this" person, i said,
i just wanted something small that couldn't run away
and when you left me there i saw you look back for me, and the green i had always seen inside you saying, maybe this isn't it, i felt come through, and i knew - i could have followed

but i'd never moved, / tried to climb down, and i had been that way for a very long time

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