black sea of some-thing

it was brought to every, one,'s attention, my own unenlightenment, well she said you've written him a lot do you think i haven't read them, and when i realized that way my only opening i asked
to what result, tess? and when she looked at me it was a funny feeling and i thought perhaps i had just-
erased the last few days, i had imagined this sort of sudden decline of,
she laughed and she was more beautiful alive or dead or alive
, than i could ever have imagined, a jolene-well-fuck-feeling , "not returned in kind" she says sending my present self into a paroxysm - hadddddd something, didn't i, well no, you'll forget it tomorrow when the next wave comes through, when they stared through , and watched the bush bleed i heard them say is it really that bad and i smiled a lot, i said, let me just sit, i love to sit
god, i said, it's just - i want to sit, and when i sat he came over, and handed me a pile of broken glass, i touched them all he says 
i know you like the broken ones

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