when it was over , you told me you had
thought I asked for something well
I thought I was doing you a favor, digging something up
your baby went missing around this time so, the detective
in the hole
I said I swear I didn't ask for this, and
everything was honest, for once
I closed my eyes and reached down I said ah ha



in preparation they'd built the surroundings and made things. seem the most o-k and tried not to all die but well. what can you do by the time Ethan showed up it was just a tumble
over and everything changed"" but to me, and I put myself inside it, it was some gross. ma/ss that would never go away and twice looking. when I heard you breathe I thought, something I only listened a little before I said every thing I had ever thought-n , i made a little cry;please let it stay dark they get mean in the morning



it was all, dusty
out and I couldn't believe it you knew every
blueberry there and. , maybe they were funny but I was still happy sad
and jealous again I said I think this is so, ugly, it didn't matter what was said,
when, they didn't talk and f- I wanted some sort of. understanding like that, this mutual "thing" no ones speaking. a very nice - cloth - or something)to hold on to. at all times.

banged against the door, you ate all the blueberries again/ I've seen the lot of them, sitting around

candy man

they were rolling - around 2 chipmunks in the grass
violet colored ones, and mating summer was over we all understood and this new feeling was a sad one but they kept rolling around and I think
most of them were so high they didn't remember to stand by that
deep sadness or what-ever , really what offers the most depth is that road has all those signs up
why don't they pave it/little by little
nothing has to be done this way, when it was on the bottom
I heard it say you don't need to fick me yyour e just trying 2v be dominant


I didn't feel bad. because
you didn't want to be my friend anymore, to take on-in taking on
moving on
I said you
you look at me constantly , not through me not for me you're just
looking and your eyes are on fire how long would it take me to stencil every tiny red line some are a lot
longer, I can't keep up this distaste for you I think last week I started to enjoy it. and the acceptance I had made, with my self, of your death, and your glorious "re"birth, yes
when you walked past, not light , terrible, fear, a cold front
you clomped by in your dirty boots and I cried
that floor had meant more than, anything at that moment
no life no death, you could have died 800 times I wouldn't
so, this is what is real, I said and I didn't clean the dirt, I let myself


keep me in boys

andthere was some terrible sense around
of murder and it wasn't a fear or death or pain or the ultimate end, true death - ceasing phenomenon but
some internal stroooong fear of being picked, front page oh look who died hey
over here everybody she's dead-being noticed
and maybe I've been , too
i can be the friend of the guy
who did the great thing and im that guy with the great idea
who did nt do anything I want to be
THAT guy

I want to be
alive, in the back


feelings r boring

it's this place where. "I "sat out in it (right?
and sat like an empty peanut shell and a whole lot of u, said, something c

and when we got out back all the food had expired and many could no longer follow. and now ,
being some sort of inspiration, to, you know- kids,
they ask when do you eat when do you eat they say dr.
doctor "
what are you feeeeeeeeeeeling
and I found a tree with / just like / shit inside,

live lobster

Some problem, : like food too much
and they'd wiggle like wurms an say ah ah and eat all day ,
"well" and she made that scared sound when that bad moment happened they said its gross Kim and they all took naps; yes

and it was quick , seeming I was thankful for the


hostility in the house of his god

to me, it did not make sense I say you look great you have always,
look great . and if that's the thing,of it, that
this new level (man) of removal and, well, YOU are not you are not youuuuu , some sort of "missssssssed communication" and I was like,
shit, you don't have very long, do you
and it was that wonderful moment where you don't smile and I create, something, fantastic and I say
1,1,1,1,1,1, and on and on and it doesn't stop, I said, Jacob,
Jacob, 1
you say hey little girl
and this disgusting , small
(b) , hope, Inside me/
it sticks to my ugly little bones , following
and it likes you, you know

so, I sleep in your bed but, you don't have a bed anymore

hey u

every-one, sat
enjoying some-thing
forward again,
"well, I'm not"

that tree, your tree,
beautiful and tall and
perfect; I thought it was for me I say "well..."
and all I can think, now,
how bad I-wanna cut it down, turn it into something I can throw away in a couple years