hostility in the house of his god

to me, it did not make sense I say you look great you have always,
look great . and if that's the thing,of it, that
this new level (man) of removal and, well, YOU are not you are not youuuuu , some sort of "missssssssed communication" and I was like,
shit, you don't have very long, do you
and it was that wonderful moment where you don't smile and I create, something, fantastic and I say
1,1,1,1,1,1, and on and on and it doesn't stop, I said, Jacob,
Jacob, 1
you say hey little girl
and this disgusting , small
(b) , hope, Inside me/
it sticks to my ugly little bones , following
and it likes you, you know

so, I sleep in your bed but, you don't have a bed anymore

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