waters of the dead

i liked being with, him,
past, he was sleepy and soft and when i closed my eyes i only slept for 2 minutes
a time, and we were rested, he said
you have put a goblin in my body you have put a poison in my body you have put a sickness in my body you have put disease in my body and who was i
who was i, to do this
i tied him and kept him but he didn't last long, he says
evil being evil face evil mouth evil tongue
and i rubbed the dirt on you and i didnt save any for myself, and i
let my self be sick, for 2 years
and i said, is it better now arin; but no one was home and i didnt know anyone, they said
no the little lives alone i said oh!
so you never existed and i swallowed that real fast, im hungry so hungry and i go to eat, anything - the room is screaming
hes licked everything

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