empty case, well

and, i didn't leave the house for 10 months
not to get the mail or do the laundry
not to say hello, go to work, go see dr greene i just
and sometimes when im alone i think maybe its been
10 months again, and i get afraid
and call everyone in my phone, and i dont remember if they call back, and i think
that means they didnt, and i know, and god knows, that there is nothing wrong,
to be alone
but when its lasting and you dig into yourself, you start to think, youll never leave
and all desire to go to the grocery store,
to eat dinner, to see jason to see mum
all that is gone, and you don't want it anymore'
i think, gross and fire and,
its bad
its safer in the attic i said and when you call me into the hall, its like that movie i cant' remember, the walls are blurry funny things and i laugh now and say
god bless, god bless me,
back inside i go

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