an education, well, for me you see..

i went in it was empty and i knew this so, that was it, and maybe they all knew , in some, way, it wasn't right for me but they were so hidden behind the glass that it didn't mean anything and when they saw him stab me with the key , over and over
they sat pressed in and maybe one stopped breathing just for a sec-ond but no one did anything and I could never ask for that so I took a nap on the floor and I didn't wake up until winter time /for 2 minutes you sat with me and they all said are you lonely for the first,time, and I said I think so
when I watch you do it
its worse that anything? some sharp terrible pain I've never felt before and more tired than I have ever been no one noticed it was all over for me and I sat there not breathing going on with it and when it got too much I spit my dinner into a sea shell and banged my head into the tree you grew for them

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